I finally got some time to sit down and play the beta version of Crea by Siege Games and I must say its been great so far. The content seems to have been coming along nicely since the early versions I played and the mechanics are pretty great. It is really amazing what they've done considering the team size. I'm now just sitting around waiting for bosses. =D

The thing that has me most excited about the game is the mod support. There are so many games that just completely die after one play through because of the lack of new content, but mods seem so easy to make for Crea that this doesn't seem like it'll be an issue, especially if the game gets added on Steam Workshop which is their current intent. With mod support I can see enterprising folks turn the game into a 2D Final Fantasy using Way Shards to move from world maps to cities. Not to mention the idea of being able to go download a new boss to test your skill.

I've already gone and poked around into the game files. The core game is written as a C++ executable but all the content is regular python files. I even cheated and altered the requirements for the Bone Sword to only take 1 copper to craft. If I was any good at pixel art I would make my own items but I think I'll leave it to the experts. Hint Hint: I want a Smash Bros Hammer.